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Innovative tech recruitment agency Areti, announces a partnership national skin cancer awareness charity Skcin.

Areti are proud to announce a partnership with Skcin – a national skin cancer awareness charity, specialising in the prevention and early detection of skin cancer through educational intervention. The partnership has was initiated by co-founder Luke Clarke who is passionate about educating others following his personal diagnosis of skin cancer.

As a climate positive recruiter with a planting policy in partnership with Ecologi, Areti ensure we give back to the environment more than we take out. In addition, to ensure we are caring for people as much as the planet, 6% of Areti’s annual profit is donated to charitable causes, and employees all commit a portion of their time to community projects to help make the world a better place.

The partnership with Skcin will see various activities and initiatives undertaken over the next year to support their unique, multi-channel approach to combatting skin cancer with their wide range of bespoke accreditation programmes and resources.

Luke Clarke, co-founder of Areti said: “I think what Skcin is doing is fantastic. They are a small charity doing everything they can to raise awareness of skin cancer prevention and early detection. Their work with schools to educate our future generations on the importance of sun safety and skin cancer prevention is particularly inspiring. I know first-hand the impacts of having skin cancer and feel what Skcin do is amazing. I am so pleased to partner and donate some of our profits to this charity that is close to our hearts.

I feel skin cancer is one of those cancers that people don’t understand and I am 100% confident that most people don’t know how to spot the early signs. I was one of these people. Areti has committed to help raise awareness in partnership with Skcin to make sure more people gain an understanding of the importance of staying protected and checking their skin regularly for signs of change”.

Peter Kelly, co-founder added: “Having young children opens my eyes to the importance of our children and network getting the right education. After setting up Areti and hearing what Luke went through it felt right to partner with a charity like Skcin to make sure we help raise awareness. Having met Skcin’s CEO Marie, I knew this was the right charity for us to work with and look forward to doing work with our local communities and networks to help save lives”.

Marie Tudor, CEO of Skcin said: “We are delighted to be working with Areti. Luke and Peter’s commitment to helping people and our planet through their business is refreshing and inspiring. By working collaboratively we can actively reach more members of the public and amplify our messaging. We very much look forward to working with team Areti to help educate and empower

their networks and communities through a partnership driven by purpose and passion.

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For all the tools and resources you need to reduce your risk of skin cancer and detect the early warning signs, install the Skin app on your mobile device at: