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Our philosophy

We want to build a business that values people and the planet more than it does profit. We’re dedicated to ensuring sustainability drives our business decisions and strive to be a force for change in the tech recruitment sector; only doing business with like-minded companies, candidates and suppliers who share our vision of a better, climate positive, diverse and inclusive future.

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The climate positive approach

Our mission is to leave the world in a better place than we found it, we take active measures to go beyond just offsetting the carbon we use, and have signed the pledge to be net zero by 2025, a milestone we anticipate achieving long before that.


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Our 6% pledge

As well as looking ahead at how we can benefit future generations, we also feel a moral obligation to help people in need today. We’ve pledged 6% of our annual profit to be dispersed among community and charity projects.


The power of time

Contribution from skilled volunteers is widely underestimated for charitable organisations and can often have a greater impact than financial donations. In addition to our profit pledge, we offer all of our employees 5 fully paid days a year to work for charities of their choice and foster a deeper connection with the cause.

Global planting

Sustainable projects across the globe

Partnering with Ecologi allows us to hold ourselves accountable and ensure that our carbon usage is offset on the road to net zero. They have have provided us with access to some fantastic reforestation projects across the globe from Madagascar to Thailand to help stay true to our vision of a better planet for future generations.

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Striving to be our best selves

Whilst we’re tech recruiters, we’re in the people business. Interactions with all stakeholders are based on a people-first approach, considering wellbeing, diversity, inclusion and creating fulfilment in the lives of those we meet.

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