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Hi, I’m Charlie!

With seven years’ expertise in technology transformation recruitment, I’ve fueled major global change programs with top talent.

Having worked within technology change for as long as I have across FMCG, Pharma, Finance, Manufacturing, Consultancies, Food and Beverage, Government, Advertising/Media, I understand the challenges these programme can bring and the importance of brilliant candidates resourced quickly and, more importantly, take full responsibility in making hiring as easy as can be for the clients who use me over and over again.

My journey led me to Areti, drawn by the company’s ethos and built on successful partnerships and relationships I’ve built with the companies’ founders.

Leveraging relationships nurtured over years, I thrive in connecting the right people with transformative opportunities.

Beyond the professional sphere, I’m a lifelong devotee of Tottenham Hotspur, where the highs and lows of football mirror the dynamic landscape of recruitment. As an enthusiast of both technology and sports, I bring a unique blend of passion and precision to every endeavour, whether it’s on the field or in my office 😃